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October 2021


Thanksgiving Break

Nov 23rd- 28th  

Winter Break

Dec 24th – Jan 1st

Check out these Musical Ladder Accomplishments!

Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this month's

Shore Music Academy Birthdays!

Aidan H.

Ryan H.

Reuvi I.

Michael T.

Joseph T.

Jesus M.

Jazlynn M.

Savannah Z.

Bianca J.

Grayden P.

Cole M.

Samantha P.

Olivia T.

Abhijit N.

Madison C.

Grace C.

Miss Amie

Mr. Ed

Miss Lisa


For safety purposes, there are limited in-person seats available. Zoom seats are always an option to be reserved!

If you have booked a Group Make Up and can no longer attend, please let the front desk know so someone else can utilize that spot.

All Group Make Up seats are not guaranteed without a CONFIRMED response to the reminder by 8pm the night before.

Group Make Ups never expire! You will always have the chance to make up your missed lessons!

Musicians born in October

Julie Andrew - October 1st

Gwen Stefani - October 3rd

Stevie Ray Vaughn - October 3rd

Tommy Lee - October 3rd

John Mellencamp - October 7th

Bruno Mars - October 8th

Johnny Ramone - October 8th

John Lennon - October 9th

Daryl Hall - October 11th

Cardi B - October 11th

Paul Simon - October 13th

Usher - October 14th

John Mayer - October 16th

Bob Weir - October 16th

Snoop Dogg - October 20th

Don't Forget!
You can text our Landline number for anything! To call out, get a Zoom link, book a make up, etc.!

We would like to welcome the 40 new students who have Enrolled in October!

Andre B.

Kassia S.

Madison C.

Mateo G.

Emily M.

Jackie L.

Logan S.

Olivia T.

Valerie G.

Everett B.

Ashley M.

Prithvi S.

Andrew B.

James B.

Devin V.

Madeline J.

Salome G.

Emma G.

Jake G.

Vian G.

Victoria P.

Dominick P.

Sandy E.

Xander N.

Zayanna S.

Isaac M.

Alexandria S.

Albert Z.

Myles P.

Ruby M.

Christine M.

Julie R.

Gustavo N.

Jack H.

Leyla T.

Julia H.

Lara T.

Denise F.

Cy S.

Isaac H.

Irwin A.

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